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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Atari Video Game Systems: Reliving the Best Games of the 80s

Atari Video Game Systems: Reliving the Best Games of the 80s

The Atari gaming device got its image developed as the new gaming avatar and as the best selling gaming device in the whole world. The Atari gaming device landed in the year 1977 and everyone wanted to lay his hands on the gaming device. Every die hard gaming fan found a new way to be entertained which lasted for more than 20 years between the reigns of late 70s and early 90s.

If you played Atari before, you know how crude and simple the graphics were in this gaming system compared to the 3D state-of-the-art graphics with the latest technology in gaming consoles introduced today.

Atari gaming console was the mother of gaming for quite many years. But, as the time advances, there are advancements. So, with the coming of modern age, Atari became old fashioned. During the 80s, Atari and the gaming cartridges used to sell like hot cakes. In the Christmas season, it was as popular as the other gaming consoles of today.

However, due to overcrowding of production of gaming cartridges, the downfall of the video game market saw its day. Parallel with the success of Atari, there was a huge downfall in video game demand. In the later part of the year 1986, no shopkeeper was interested in marketing Atari anymore as the loss was too much.

Even today, playing on Atari gaming device relaxes one’s mind and soul. It has a charm and audacity of its own. Games such as Pac-man, Galaxy, missile commands, etc. are some of the games which were produced by Atari and still loved by all. They were not available in cartridges during the era of Atari.

Today, Atari is now a game developer for PC games and other popular gaming consoles out in the market. They now develop games that can compete with the standards that people are searching for in a game. Popular Atari game titles, such as Neverwinter Nights, Test Drive Unlimited, Age of Pirates and others are now available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and others.

The games that are produced under the modern era gaming consoles have interesting 3D state of the art technology and very crisp picture quality. The Atari games have taken a different shape and one enjoys playing them over and over again.

The Atari games are made available in different game types. There are action strategy games, simulator games, racing games, and shooting games. Many of the games are available for children which they enjoy thoroughly.

With some great Atari gaming titles produced in the market, one can always be relaxed about not running out of Atari gaming titles. If one has had enough of playing a single Atari title, he just has to rush towards the nearest gaming store and get a new Atari game.

Some of the best known and hugely followed Atari gaming titles such as Pac-man, Battle tank, asteroids etc. are developed by many game manufacturing companies which fun to play all the way. The people who have seen the reign of Atari games search for its gaming titles even today on the net to play them in their PCs online.

The famous Atari games could be easily played on the internet by logging on the official Atari’s website. Even the old Atari gaming Video Computer System is available for sale today which could be purchased. Even today, the people purchase the Atari gaming system and the cartridges.


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